Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm Just Here

I am very emotional when it comes to my family. I always fight for my right for them, and I won't allow anybody hurt them. I love my children very much, and till my last breath I'm always here for them. And the love that I give to them cannot be measured by silver nor gold.
I'm very sad for my daughter, she is a very good girl, she don't deserved to be a martyr. I can't imagine how she handle the dishonesty of the man that she trust. I admire her for being strong, I just hope and pray that she can recover what is going trough.
I am very much concern of my grand daughter, time will come she will know the story. I don't know how she's going to accept the truth. Sad to say she's not going to enjoy anymore her privacy. And hoping and praying that she's strong enough to face the reality, and never a big disturbance in her life.
Always remember the family is always behind your back through thick and thin. I love you both.

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