Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Glorious Sunset

It is wonderful to be young with clear sight, sharp hearing, and flexible step, pulses drumming to the protest of exhilarating health. But old age has glories that youth cannot know. It is a blessing to be in old age. Old age celebrates the harvest. Like fruit in the fall, the harvest of old age will either dry up or wither or grow mellow and sweeter as it ripens.

We cannot escape the advancing years. So don’t be ashamed to own your age. Everything abides will become old like mountains, rivers. oceans, stars. But the best things are the oldest things, things that have endured and stood the test of time. Nothing to be sad as an aging person, because life can be bright if we have one who is the light as our evening sun and that is Jesus Christ.

Endurance Athletes

Endurance training and racing requires quite a commitment from athletes ... the commitment is for time and money ... they put up with pain, they eat for the event and buy supplements that cost a bundle ... their equipment is specialized to their events (shoes, high performance clothing, bikes, skis, wet suit, heart monitor, exercise equipment, etc., etc.) Some of the athletes are in the professional ranks, but most are age-groupers. Why do the age-groupers do it?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Horror Princess

A very unique and talented upcoming actress in local cinema Miss Maja Salvador, a certified cutie and very professional when it comes to work. Being featured in at least two local horror movies, young actress Maja Salvador is slowly gaining the Philippines' "horror princess." She loved to be called as "horror princess" she respect what the people who gave her this title.
No doubt she will be the next big star. She can dance, she can sing and surely she can act too.
Maja Salvador a young actress, dance princess and a multiple brand endorser. She's also one of the freshest to ever grace in local show business. A star in a complete package!

Personal Moving and Storage

Moving your stuff is never easy. But there's a whole industry that can help! In this conversation we ask for your opinions about moving and storage companies.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is just a few days away. And it is a commemoration and celebration of Dad the special man in our life. Father's Day gives us an opportunity to show and express our love and care.Even though my father was already resting in peace and I won't be able to celebrate this special occasion with him anymore but he's always be remember in this occasion. He means so much to me. He's a good father, and a good builder in our home.

Happy Father's Day to all good Daddy's in the World! Make this day special day more special!

111th day of Independence

Today June 12, 2009 marked as the 111th day of Independence here in Philippines. No work, no class today to celebrate freedom. Are we really free? As I understand Independence day is an annual celebration commemorating of independent statehood. Are we really free? We even encourages foreigners to invest here in our country and we even patronizing imported products. To show for being Filipino patronize our own products and use our own language. And we are not completely free because we are not politically free and we are not economically stable. We cannot do anything because don't have capability and some countries control us. Freedom for Filipinos should define what it really means and I also hope that Filipino people will open their eyes to the political unrest which lead to action to the way of genuine independence and the proclamation of independence should be really meaningful!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

S A L T - the silent killer

Table salt is the major factor that cause hypertension, a cardiovascular disease, the "world's number one cause of death." Most people now have an idea that too much salt is bad. Most people also don't realize that most of the salt that you eat comes not in the shaker on the table but from the processed food that we are eating. It contains more salt than we are designed to eat. When it comes to lowering salt intake, simple unprocessed foods are the key like fruits and vegetables, water, unsalted meats. Try to get used to the real taste of food without salt. Hypertension is a silent killer. You can reduce your risk of becoming a victim by reducing your salt intake. Get your blood pressure checked regularly and if it is high, consult your doctor and get it treated.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Ethical Hacker

My daughter finished the course as Computer Science and she's working as link builder and a blogger. And I am pretty sure that she knows what is this ethical hacker all about. Personally, it was unfamiliar to me this term "ethical hacker". Because all I know hacker is unethical. I called my daughter immediately and ask if she's familiar in this "ethical hacker". She told me that ethical hacker works to ensure one's company to be secured. And to be known as ethical hacker I must go to IT Security field.

This helps to tighten IT security to all corporations. And working as an ethical hacker can be a good career, a high paying careers despite of the economy crisis. Ethical hackers works by breaking computer system or some engineering methods. Ethical hackers applies also knowledge of security officers, security professionals, site administrator and anyone concerned of the network infrastructure.

In order to developed more hacking skills working late night on your computer, it needs a formal education and earn a certification. Visit EC-Council this can help us to become a Certified Ethical Hacker . At EC-Council select your area of interest and discover the benefits of EC-Council. They offer:
  • Security Fundamentals
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Penetration Testing
  • Computer Forensics
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Secure Coding
This is a great experience in attending this outstanding and very informative cast and teaching some methods which is exceptional.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Pick a month!

June is the most popular month to get married in. And they say when you get married in the month of June, you are a bride all your life and it's nice because it's becoming summer, it's getting warmer and not quite hot yet. Flowers started to bloom and a great time to have an outdoor wedding. And they say that June was considered as the lucky month! I don't think so, I knew some, got married in June but sad to say it ends in separation. June is not the only month that people get married. To those who are planning to get married, pick a month for your wedding and Good Luck!

Here you go!

A January bride will be a prudent housekeeper,
and very good tempered.

A February bride will be an affectionate wife,
And a tender mother.

A March bride will be a frivolous chatterbox,
Somewhat given to quarreling.

An April bride will be inconsistent, or forceful,
But well-meaning.

A May bride will be handsome, agreeable,
And practical.

A June bride will be impetuous,
And generous.

A July bride will be handsome,
But a trifle quick-tempered.

An August bride will be agreeable,
And practical as well.

A September bride will be discreet, affable,
And much liked.

An October bride will be pretty, coquettish,
Loving but jealous.

A November bride will be liberal and kind,
But sometimes cold.

A December bride will be fond of novelty,
Entertaining but extravagant.