Thursday, December 25, 2008

Personalized Gifts


December is an expensive month, right? It is because you are obliged to buy gifts for your godchild, family, friends and relatives. Well, I thanked God I earn online so I have money to spend for their gifts. I’m confused of what present to give to them that surely fits to my budget of course. I have one godchild who is collecting gadgets and electronics, so as to say they are well off family.

What if I will give him personalized holiday gifts like flash drives to him because I ask his mom about my present to him. She said her son will like it if that will be my Christmas gift to him. I better get one of it because I often give gifts to him only during Christmas. LOL!

I look for a website that offers personalized products and I’m glad I found They offers personalized products like personalized thumb drives, card drives, wooden USB flash drives and personalized pens. That’s amazing! Pexagontech is giving its customers 20% discount when you buy one of their items. That’s a great savings, right? I think I will buy a personalized thumb drives for my godchild. It is available in 14 colors plus has a capacity of up to 16GB. It’s final I will get one for him. I hope he will like my present to him this Christmas.


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