Thursday, February 19, 2009

Beauty products

Most of the women believed that when they are going to use different kinds of skin care products, they're going to be more beautiful but this is not true. Using different skin care product, it will give a confusing signals of the skin. And it will result also allergies to our skin. To adhere a beautiful skin try this 3 step skin care regimen using a product that comes from beauty care range. Try the product that fits to your skin and use it the same time: the cleanser, toner and face lotion. Everybody wants a beautiful skin, clean and have smooth or flawless skin. Over scrubbing is not advisable for the skin, it will result the skin dry, just scrub it gently. Since I was in my high school days and until now, only the 3 steps skin care I am using and I found out that it really works and I never experienced allergies in my skin.


Maus said...

this is true ate merlyn.
sometimes i made experiment what product suited for me..which im prone in different kind of allergies,, even make up i used it occassionally.

merlyn said...

that's right maus, how are you? nice to hear you again take care and God bless.

eden said...

I agree with you. I'had tried using different types of skin care products and didnt found any effect instead , I had an itchy skin most of the time.Now, I have found the one that suits my skin very well, Oil of Olay products. I am using it for years now.