Sunday, January 31, 2010

Improving one's future

Many couples would get along if they understood each other's history more. It is very important to improve our future by looking at the past. The truth is, what we have today is the sum of all our past experience, including our family history. By sharing your partner, you give him an opportunity to see where you are coming and why you reach the way you do.Why don't you try to find a leisure date to share your past with one another. Find a comfortable pace in the house, light a candle and play music as added for ambience. Share to him/her the following:
  • Share your memorable childhood experience.
  • A traumatic event in your life.
  • A scary dream you won't forget.
  • Your favorite verse in the Bible.
  • A fear that you never told to anyone.
  • The saddest moment of your life.