Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fret not

The world is now suffering global financial crisis. And I feel sad to those OFW's returning home without any savings. Everybody is worried about this global financial crisis. And some big companies in foreign countries is now closed. Japan is one of the progressive country that we have known but they are not exempted of the crisis. My nephew used to work there for almost 5 years but he's coming home next month because the company that he's working is going to closed. And he's family is very much worried for he is the bread winner of the family.
I know that life is not easy now a days. But if you believed that prayer is powerful then fret not. God is the owner of the universe. Whatever calamities, storms of our life comes we can overcome all those trials. I experienced all kinds of trials in life but still I'm here living normally. I am not worried for tomorrow beacause I know God holds our future. Just pray without ceasing!

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