Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Breast pain

Women is always experiencing breast pain and they are scared that they might have breast cancer, but according to the expert that having breast pain does not normally a symptoms of breast cancer. Breast pain is very common affecting women of all ages. Women suffer breast pain if their menstruation period is coming. A natural hormonal changes is the cause that the breast tissue is going to be oversensitive that result in breast pain. To minimize pain use a supportive bra, prescription medication, evening primrose oil, and minimize caffeine, red wine and chocolate intake. Breast pain is gone if menstruation starts, but if the pain is severe and long lasting better talk to your Doctor. Two main types of breast pain: the cyclical breast pain and non-cyclical breast pain. Cyclical linked to menstrual cycle. The non-cyclical is not linked to menstrual cycle. The pain comes from the area of the breast elsewhere such as the muscles, bones and joints.

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