Friday, October 17, 2008

Benefits from milk

As the person grow older, they can encounter many problems of their health. Just like me I'm suffering back pain now a days because I remember during my childhood days, I'm not used to drink milk. Every time I drink milk I'm going to vomit. Besides building strong bones, it also the right ingredients for promoting dental health. Milk contains multiple proteins critical for oral health which prevents causing bacteria from sticking to the tooth surface, as well as antibacterials that promote oral health. Milk is a great drink for teeth. Along with brushing and flossing, drinking milk is an easy of maintaining a beautiful smile. Missing out on the strongest possible bones in childhood could haunt people decades later. By the age of 30, bones break down much faster than they are rebuilt. Then it is a race to maintain bone and avoid of osteoporosis in old age. So it is very important to get calcium as early as childhood especially calcium, from milk and milk products. With such a wealth of benefits, better to start your children into drinking milk for them to develop into healthy adults.I used to drink milk now but it's already too late (he he he).

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faye said...

i drink milk everytime when i cant sleep...its a big help..