Friday, November 28, 2008

The expensive month

Would you agree with me if I’m going to tell you that the most expensive month is December? People always say that life of today is difficult. But as I can see when December come people were so busy buying gifts, decorations, new clothes and buying some goods for the coming Christmas preparations. The malls were all the time over crowded. It’s nice to see the people around go on shopping, buying special gifts for their loved ones. Even in the low class family they shop as what the middle class family does. I can see how people strive hard just to have something for their family for Christmas. This only happens once a year, enjoy shopping!


Joops said...

that's so true.... i think becuae people nowadays is so commercialized that they tend to spend money even in tight situation..

merlyn said...

your right joops and i agree with you God bless.