Sunday, May 25, 2008

Choosing Wise Leaders

Qualified leaders are hard to find. But the search becomes even more difficult when we look for the wrong qualifications. Churches seek candidates who are Godly and in good reputation. Does the candidate passionate, devoted, gifted? Good questions, good qualities, but the most important qualification is often overlooked. Passion and vision are important traits, but wisdom points vision in the right direction and keeps passion pushing in the proper places.

How do we find wise leaders?

Wise spiritual leaders have a vision of God's flow of grace to us and through us.
Wise people influence by planting seeds in the heart and minds of others.
We need leaders who are consistent, stable.
Wise leaders want their decisions to be based on biblical principles, and they are willing to make the mental and spiritual effort to discern them.
Wise people know hot to remain true their convictions while discerning to understand divergent points of view.
Wisdom prevents us from feeling threatened by new ideas. When we are wise, we can freely admit how often we succumb to foolishness.

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