Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Special Place

The true church is not the building.
It's the worshippers within.
It's all who've find salvation.
But as we gather in the building.
It becomes a special place.
Ti worship and give thanks to Him.
For His all-saving grace.
For here He truly blesses us.
And we know our Lord is near.
For where "two or three are together."
And He tells us He is here!
He raise voices in praise music.
To let our joy be known.
That we will someday see His face.
Foe we've become His own.
May we constantly be growing.
Not just in member's size.
But in wisdom and enlightenment.
That opens sim-blind eyes.
And may those who walk in darkness.
In need on hope and grace.
And enter through this building can find them a special place..

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