Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What Women Do Better

As any woman can attest, there are some things at which her gender naturally excels. Women perform in all aspects of language usage. The differences show up that girls begin talking before boys, have larger vocabularies at an earlier age, and produce more varied and sophisticated sentences. Data shows that girls score higher than boys in reading and writing.
Some researchers have also found that women are more adept at learning foreign languages than men are. Women do better than men on hearing tests too. And their hearing deteriorates less rapidly than men's over time. Besides all that, women are better able to discern and later recall the location of objects in a given space.
Women smile and laugh more, gaze more directly at others, and sit or stand closer to people than men do. Women interrupt less, are more like to be complimentary, and laugh at other people's jokes more. And Women is more articulate, more honest than men. We should be proud to be a woman.

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