Sunday, May 18, 2008

Relaxation Techniques Against Stress

One of the best way to fight against stress is the relaxation techniques. When you relax it doesn't mean that you have only peace of mind, or just to enjoy in one thing, but this is one of the process to eliminates the effect against the issue in our life directing to your mind and body.
Even to those who are experiencing stress in your life you can benefits this relaxation techniques. Try some of the relaxation techniques to ease against stress.

- Autogenic relaxation - autogenic means this comes from yourself. In this techniques use the visual imagery and body awareness to eliminate stress. Repeat it so many times to keep you relax. You can also keep on imagining the cool. nice and peaceful place. It helps your heart rate and even some physical sensation to our body.

- Progressive muscle relaxation - in this techniques, try to stretch slowly in every muscle group. This helps to relax muscle tension.

- Visualization - this techniques, you are going to form an image according to your mind, wherein you are in the safe place. Try to use many senses like smelling, seeing, sounds or textures. For example you are imagining that you are in the bayside
under the sun, listening the splashing of the big waves, and the smell of the water in the sea. This can make you relax.

And there are some also relaxation techniques it includes: yoga, tai chi, music, exercise, meditation, hypnosis and massage.

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