Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Lesson For A Media

"all is well that ends well" according to broadcast-journalist Ces Drillon and company who was survived by the kidnapped terrorist Abu Sayyaf in Sulu. Drillon and her cameraman Jimmy Encarnacion and the Mindanao State University Professor Octavio Dinampo was released by the kidnappers just the other night in the hide places near in Patikol, Sulu.
The kidnappers first released was the assistant cameraman Angelo Valderama last week after they give two million pesos (2M) for ransom. But the negotiator says that it was only one hundred thousand for their board and lodging, WOW! very expensive staying at Abu Sayyaf just like you are staying at five star hotel, sounds funny isn't it?
Nobody knows if the family of Ces Drillon or the the ABS-CBN was the one who paid for the ransom, and this could be the lesson to all the media that they should not trust this group, they are a traitorous person. We live only one life! Be very careful!

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