Friday, June 13, 2008

Tips to avoid acne

Here are some tips to avoid acne or pimples in your face:
- wash your face at least two times a day, and for the delicate skin, use a soap a non -soap cleanser, a "mild" or "sensitive skin" gently clean it with your finger in a lukewarm water, and never use a face towel. And if you have an oily skin use a soap with benzoyl peroxide to let it dry.
- avoid eating oily foods and oily cleansers like cold cream.
- use a water-based makeup and try to check the label of the products that you are using.
- the high risk level of iodine is not good where it can be found in multiple vitamins and in iodized salt.
- and try to use over the-counter(OTC) products, this is another acne products, it contains sulfur or resorcinol that can help to remove or clean skin cells clogs.
Love your face and don't exfoliate your face.

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