Monday, June 30, 2008

MV Princess of the Stars

Another tragedy is again encountered by the Filipino people. Many lives lost upon the sinking of the boat MV Princess of the stars. And President Gloria Arroyo investigated the Philippine Coast Guard why they give permit to sail, where in fact earlier the weather forecast has already announced that there is storms coming that mostly hit partly in Visayas. As we can imagine this tragedy were always repeated and hundreds of lives were lost, and even some other bodies was not able to recovered where it was.
As fas as i can remember two years ago the same tragedy happen and the same company the Sulpicio Lines is involved. It seems that it is well prepared to be happened. What does it mean? Is this the sign that the maintenance is not properly done? There should be a proper infection by the Coastguard officials, and it's better to review some policy before giving permit especially there's storm signal.

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