Monday, June 30, 2008

Unexpected Blessings!

It was Thursday afternoon when i received the text message from my brother that the most long awaited pension claim of our late father for the past ten years has been approved. My brother used to send hundred follow up letters to PVAO and i even go to Manila personally in PVAO office sometime 2005. But we started 1993 for that pension claim, as we can imagine what kind of government we have, and very disgusting they deposited the money last December 18,2007. and just this June 27,2008 they let us know that they already deposit the money. Why? I know there's story behind, because the bank has a policy if nobody is going to withdraw within that period policy of the bank the money is going back to the Financial Management Division, in that the story begins! you got what i mean?
Very corrupt government we have, the amount is not the big deal, the important thing is to serve the people in a good and honest way!

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