Sunday, June 15, 2008

Someone's Behind?

As i'm watching The Buzz this afternoon at ABS-CBN, Princess Revilla a sister of Senator Bong Revilla is again involved in maltreating one of her helper, and this is the second time where she was involved in this case. And the victims were simply a poor lass. I can't figure out why this influential people were given so much attention. Princess Revilla got a high grade attorney. While she was interviewed by Boy Abunda, she denied all the accusations against her. And she tell that someone is behind in this case just to ruin her reputation.
Who is she? she's not involved in politics and she's not an actress either! my gosh! would you believe that? I admire Senator Bong Revilla his statement that if truth prevail she must be punished according to the law. I just hope that this poor lass will stand the truth at hindi magpabayad just like others do, to stop discrimination,and abusing one's life.

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