Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New website for PhilHealth

PhilHealth brings good news to all members for they have now a website where there are five major sections of their homepage. The main objective is to updated, well organized information in different sector. The website was developed also by the Public Affairs Department and Information Technology Management Department. In "Members page" we can see an information regarding five major programs of Philhealth such as Overseas Workers, Non-paying, Employed, Individually Paying and Sponsored Programs.
Each link provides information to members of their membership that includes processing, benefits and availment and to update list of their dependents.
The "About Us" a section that high-light the vision, mission, core values in office and it provides also directory to the executive officers including the Regional and Service offices globally. And we can see also in "Employers page"to updates and includes the guides and the policy. And the "Health Care Providers" a section that provides information regarding Institutional and Professional Health Care providers that accredited in Philhealth. And the "Media section" this is for the journalist that wants to cover up the latest involvement in this program.

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traderjoe said...

seeing that you are well aware of how philhealth is updated, can you please help me. i need to know what form i should use to file my father's payment. like for example for the private sector they use RF-1. my dad falls in members paying individually (using m1-5 payment form). please educate me on this. thanks!