Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why your child's early friendship is important?

Parent's play the biggest role in setting the stage for full-fledged friendship, caring about others and responding to social cues. Parents are the first people who have give and take interactions with the child. This is the sort of stuff in which friendship is eventually made. Such interactions includes that once your children begin to have friends, parents should help them with new experiences. Seek out situations for kids to interact, rather than trying to find friends for them. Don't force them that friendship doesn't work. And help children work out a solution nonviolently. Teach them how to interact and negotiate.

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chubskulit-rose said...

I like this post mommy merlyn.. When my daughter turned three, she doesn't want to associate with other people anymore..

When we were in the states she was very sweet and friendly but when we transferred overseas, she've changed drastically..

Do you think, we're doing something wrong?

Any advice you could give mommy lyn will be much appreciated..