Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saves Lives for Women

My old folks have so many beliefs when I was still in my teenage days. When I got my first menstruation period I directly informed my mother as she always told me if I have my first menstruation I should let her know. She was extremely happy and she told me to jump three stairs along the stairway and the purpose is the menstruation will only last in three days. I do it of course because they say Mother knows best!


Now I realized that everything was in vain and it was proven totally wrong. Being a woman we don’t know what the possibilities are, and we don’t know what kind of disease will strike on us. And we don’t know also what the symptoms are and the effect and we will never know when it is going to strike on you. Now have to believe that the C'elle made a scientific study, revolutionary stem cell technology empowers women safely and easily gather non-controversial, life-saving stem cells found in menstrual blood. It was discovered About the Science that C’elle has established the capability to distinguish into other cell types. And it is also formulated for future therapeutic medicine that possibly treats any kind of sickness. For more details just visit Celle.com and there’s a C'elle Client Testimonial there that it is effective.

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