Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wonderful Herb

Here in Philippines this kind of plant known as Kamunggay or Malunggay and it was also known as "Sajina" in Indian Subcontinent or "Moringa" in English term. The Department of Agriculture says that this can be the answer to those whose suffering hunger and malnutrition here in our country.
The "malunggay" has a potential to make export product as a natural ingredient for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications. The leaves and the fruits of "malunggay" is rich of Vitamin C and some other minerals. For how many years now, some Asian countries were now practicing to eat "malunggay" like India, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand.
Malunggay is known as "wonderful herb" globally. This is is also known as the excellent source of nutrition and includes natural energy booster. Abundant of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids. And besides it helps also relaxing and reviving our energy level, build strong our immune system, to restore our skin condition, control blood pressure, headaches, to manage also our sugar level especially to those who has diabetes, and also good for tumors and ulcers.
"Malunggay" has triple the iron of spinach and more impressive attribute than olive oil. Both moringa or "malunggay" and the common carrot are great brilliance in the roughage department, but moringa "malunggay" has quadruple the beta carotene, which is good for the eyes and effective against cancer.

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