Thursday, July 10, 2008

Signs of childhood stress!

We all learn to cope with the stresses of daily life from an early age. But do you know how your child is coping well?
The following guidelines could be signs that your child is suffering from stress. Does your child...............
  • Find it hard to sleep?
  • Have bad dreams?
  • Become fearful, clingy and anxious when separated from you?
  • Revert to bedwetting and thumb-sucking?
  • Become preoccupied?
  • Seem unable to concentrate?
  • Become suddenly irritable and disobedient?
  • Often complain of stomach aches and headaches?
If you noticed that your children has this signs, they are positively suffering from stress. Take time to relax, and allow them to talk about their fears and reassured them that they can make it through and they are going to succeed.

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