Friday, August 1, 2008

Backward, Forward!

The price status of crude oil is unstable, backward then forward quickly, just like dancing "Sinulog" one step backward, two steps forward. Sound funny isn't it? But really it's getting my nerve shorten of this petroleum products. I don't have a car but I pity to all the drivers where driving is only their source of income. The militant group is always shouting to trash out the Oil Deregulation Law (ODL). I don't have knowledge about oil products but I always see big problems arises in this country because of this crude oil in the world market.
Can you imagine that? this year 2008 twenty times the petroleum products has been increased. We are chastised twenty times. Then after this we have to wait again another chastisement from the oil company. How long we are going to suffer from the oil refineries?

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