Saturday, August 2, 2008

To God Be The Glory


I am loved...I am hated.
I am joy anticipated.
I am instruction to the wise.
I am that which fools despise.

I am knowledge on the lips of few.
I am understanding which the diligent pursue.
I am the way which is often rejected.
I am the hedge of those protected.

I am your strength in times of adversity.
I am your peace in the midst of tragedy.
I am the crooked, made straight.
I am the reward of those who wait.

I am shelter in your pouring down rain.
I am He who is able to keep you sane.
I am the hand on the surgeon's knife.
I am the very hand that saved your life.

I am the wind that encompasses your soul.
I am the only one who can make you whole.
I am the river flowing toward your drought.
I am He who breaks shackles with a shout.

I am the book of Genesis through Revelation.
I am the only hope of your salvation.
I am the First and the Last.
I am the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit...all in one cast.

Who am I? I will tell you, even as I told Moses.

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