Monday, August 11, 2008

Thank You For The Blessings

Each day I should thank you Lord,

For all that you have done.

My life wouldn’t be the same,

If I turned and you were gone.

Some times I forget to say,
Thank you for this day.
And still you greatly bless me Lord,
In so many ways.

You’ve blessed me with a family,
That means so much to me.
We have a special bond of love
For all the world to see.

You’ve given me a place to live,
Where I lay my head each night.
Knowing your love is here with me,
Helps me sleep ‘til morning light.

You put the food upon my table,
That feeds this body of mine.
But the food you give my spirit,
Gives me strength for all time.

You’ve touched me in so many ways,
With Your precious healing hand.
And when I tell what You have done,
Some will not understand.

You provide me with my every need,
In this world in which I live.
Thank you for your love, dear Lord,
And for the Son that you did give.

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