Monday, August 25, 2008

Crossing the line

Do you have in this personality, shy or timid person? Or are you just like this, Are You Normal or Nuts?

We need sometimes little quirks, it relieves for ourselves from the boredom of our life. Quirk also helps us also to see the line that divides us from madness to good sense. It doesn’t mean to display madness is bad at all. We need to display it a little bit in order to keep us our self in good sense. Now I know where my personal characteristics belong. And I’m very glad I found this article Are You Normal or Nuts?

There are some quirks that need professional attention. Just like any person who is afraid to go in high places. They are afraid that they might fall down, and if they attempt to jump, they are afraid to jump that they might broke their feet or maybe they're going to land in the hospital.

Why don’t you try to read Reader's Digest Laughs? We need to laugh; don’t you know that laughter is the best medicines? We have to understand that sometimes it’s good to share to everyone if we act nuts and Reader's Digest knows best.

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