Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Victory Hair

Who’s that girl? I think it’s Aunt Merlyn but the hair is so good so straight, as my niece relay it to me because this month I went to salon to cut my hair. But the beautician suggested me to have it “relax or straighten” it due to my hair will fly away even if it is short. I ask her the cost and so she said that it’s just only half bucks of her price for that service because my hair is so thin. What I do is ask my daughter if she can sponsor me on my hair relax. I’m glad that she supported me financially and agreed on my decision.

I never regret of my new hair because I get everyone’s attention and praises that my hair fits to my face. As they said I look younger as compared to my previous hair because I used to pony tail my hair. And for this thing I achieved the Victory Hair, the greatest victory after having hair makeover. If you want to have a Victory Hair then better join and play the Ultimate Flirting Championship game which is hosted by the Extreme Style by VO5. For more details just visit their site and learn from this flirting game.

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