Monday, September 29, 2008

Google Page Rank

My daughter always surprise me. I've been complaining to her all the time why I don't have many opps just like her, and she told me that I don't have any page rank. She always encourage me just to go on, never surrender. And yesterday I am whole day in the church because we have fellowship and as I got home I directly open my PC, checked emails as well as to visit my blog, and there my daughter leave a message regarding the good news. I was so happy then, at long last! PR2 means so much for me as a blogger.I can't believe this!
I never expect this to happen.
First I would like to thank GOD for everything and second to my fellow bloggers who always visit my site, I owe this rank from all of you, thank you and God bless everyone.


leizlmarie said...

congrats for earning your page rank! i miss my PR too! they dropped my PR from 3 to 0 when i joined ppp and its so hard to earn my PR again. =(

by the way, thanks for the tag! =)

drivenwide said...

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