Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good Shipping Services

U.S.A. has been the number one leading countries when it comes to packaging and mail forwarding, and they have a good and proper service globally for businesses and expatriates. My sister-in-law used to send us package from U.S. and I’m glad everything was intact.’s package is a package forwarding service where you cannot encounter any difficulties in shipping and you can save money up to 70% on shipping for they have very low international shipping rates. And this can save more bucks when you shop at US retailers; they are going to combine many purchases in one package and this is good for you can save money on shipping.

Not only in shipping services they have, they also have some other services, in which you are going to enjoy. If you want weekly, biweekly or monthly they can do that for you. And you can choose the speed of delivery, and they are going to hold your package if you are not around, and this is good for security reasons. They also have good customer service. Before the package arrives they are going to send a notification by email, viewing the shipping invoices on line, calling you or sending fax or email. What a great services they have.

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