Monday, September 15, 2008

Unemployment rate

According to the Department of Labor and Employment that the unemployment rate here in our country goes higher compared last year. Many fresh graduates remain unemployed now a days. According to some officials that most of them don't want to get employed and some are not qualified to the job that they are applying or no vacancy for the position that fit to their course.
In most cases those underemployed would extend work until Saturdays or adopt longer working hours in order to get additional income.
This problem has long been noted that is why DOLE has a tie-up program with the academe particularly counselors to address mismatch problems.
An industry forum is being conducted regularly so that the students at an early time will have an idea on what to take as a course and to prepare them on the kind of skills that would respond to the need of the industry. I hope the government should focus on this issue.



Unemployment can only be removed by entrepreneurship. Groups of minds working with an objective can destroy any difficulties in success path.

Every "God bless", I read in my blog, which you have left, I find my mother's concern in those words.

Ray said...

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