Saturday, September 13, 2008

Go Laarani go!

I am a certified Kapamilya and since the reality show started at ABS-CBN I am one of the avid follower of the show. PDA is open to those who have talents in singing regardless of their standard of living. It is not impossible to reach your dreams if you have confident of yourself, strong determination and most of all be true of yourself. I admire LAARNI although she has a behavioral problem, but I can’t blame her because she has a traumatic experience when she was still 12 years old.
Speaking of talents, she’s really doing well of their weekly performance. And she has a versatile voice. And what touches in my heart is, her charity is for the blinds who are choir members. Tomorow night at 7:30 is an awarding nights, I hope LAARNI could make it! Just take a look how she made a duet to her star partnerJed Madela. That was August 23 the PDA 10th Gala Night.

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