Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It hurt's to say goodbye!

I was in the wake of my auntie last night, and I feel very sad and very much upset and asking why? I remember the song of Barbara Streisand saying "some good thing will never last" I can't remember if this is the title or what but I never forget this song. And it's true just like human being good person will never last. Sometimes I can't stop asking myself why this going to be happen. I know GOD has a purpose and we can understand it little by and by.
Everything happen unexpectedly in our life make us upset, distress, discourage and we even think that everything in this world is finish. I love her, she's a very good mother, good auntie and a good friend. Suppose to be she's going to celebrate her birthday this coming September 9 and she's planning to have a big celebration, and we are planning too, to give her surprises that she's not going to forget until her last breath. But sad to say she give us surprise that makes our heart broken. It really hurts to say goodbye someone very special and very dear to our heart. Goodbye Auntie!

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CKULIT said...

I'm sorry for your loss Mommy merlyn.. May your aunt rest in peace.. God bless!