Friday, September 19, 2008

The New Technology - iLASIK

Everyone wants to have a clear vision regardless of any profession. There is new and modern technology now the LASIK technology where the U.S military and NASA has been using this for five years and it is proven that their missions’ performance has been increasing, and it is also benefited to all civilians. It has been validated and clinically proven of effectiveness. Department of Defense (DOD) and NASA have been using this all-laser procedure to improve their vision.

The modern LASIK is known as iLASIK Procedure, 20/20 for better vision and this is more effective and safer compared to old LASIK. iLASIK uses 2 lasers whereas the old LASIK uses only one laser.

iLASIK, uses wave-front technology to chart the exclusive characteristics of the eyes in which create a corneal flap in the eye. It is computer guided in replacing the handled microkeratome blade that was used in old LASIK procedures, in which this is much safer. And after that, a wave-front mapping data will guide a second laser for vision correction. And these two lasers have been clinically proven, and it is much safer and it provides outstanding a visual results, and the procedure is painless.

It also offers financing that is affordable, the payments is as low as $89 a month, but there are some qualifications that makes you qualify for this great procedure. Visit their site now at LASIK technology or you can check it out in for more LASIK information.


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