Wednesday, September 17, 2008


All the time I heard people complaining about their jobs, family or anything that makes them tired, discontentment or they don't like the status of their living or any aspects what they have in life. Stress gives reaction to the person in different situation wherein it needs concentration and attention. There are three kinds of stress, the acute stress, episodic stress and chronic stress. Acute stress - seldom kind of stress and simple pressure where it comes from day to day basis or simple problem that encounters to any ordinary individuals. This can be considered as short-term stress. Episodic stress - this kind of stress makes the person crazy every time problems derive and they are irritated all the time. It includes symptoms and effects where you are going to suffer headaches, hypertension, chest pain and this might develop heart disease. If the acute stress can quickly cured but this episodic acute stress should consult to the specialist depends upon the level. Chronic stress - this can be considered the worst kind of stress wherein the life of a person is well affected. Obviously because of the hardship of life or marital problems or any shortcomings involving job or career. Too much stress can affect sometimes our relations to the people around us. And besides it develops hypertension, cardiovascular disease and others. Ther are some guides to fight back against stress: think always positive in life, exhale and inhale so that your muscle will relax, do some exercise that gives energy to our body, listen to a music, do some massage and talking to someone, friend, family and share with your problems with them, this can also help to minimize stress.

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