Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Overcoming Disagreements

Disagreements are just normal for the members of the family or even to our friends and neighbors. Nobody is perfect and there are sometimes we committed mistakes through our actions, the way we talk and that sometimes started some arguments and disagreements. But no matter disagreements you have this can be overcome if you have a heart of consideration. Let’s consider one’s fault for we are not born perfectly.

A heartfelt compassion to one another is very important. Let us learn and teach ourselves to forgive to one another. Jesus Christ forgives our sins how much more for us? I know it’s very difficult to forgive and forget but nothing is impossible if you have a heart of compassion. We cannot do this alone, of course we have to ask guidance from above, I know He’s just up there! Whatever disagreements in the family fixed it immediately before it's too late to reconcile.

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